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Our trained therapists will make sure that you enjoy and feel relieved. In addition, we use authentic products that are custom-made to acclimate our services and our clients.
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Refresher, Iontophoresis Whitening, Deep Cleanser Facial, Microdermabrasion Diamond Peel, Collagen Facial Treatment, Seaweed Mask Treatment, Back


Swedish/Shiatsu, Hotstone Therapy, Ventosa/Kwasa Swedish Deep Tissue, Combination, Combination Deep Tissue, Foot Reflex, Pre Natal, Back Massage, Twin Massage, Cellulite


Full leg, Half leg, Arm, Bikini, Back


Bleaching with therapeutic lotion treatment.

Daily Treatment for a month, Daily for a week, Per day morning and evening session, Body whitening with scrub, Underarm whitening, Earspa with cleaning

Hand & Foot

Manicure, Pedicure, Hand Spa, Footspa, Footspa with pedicure, Handspa with manicure, Footspa with pedicure with mint wrap, Wart removal 7pcs

Body Treatments

Body Scrub: Coffee, Green Papaya, Orange Papaya, Sea Salt
Peeling (with cleaning and scrubbing): Leg, Arm, Underarm, Inguinal whitening

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